Think Thursday: I Can! 

If you want it, say it and say it like you mean it. There is power in words…so why not claim all of the great things for your life. You are…! You can…! You will…! 

What will you preach to yourself today?! 

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Happy Thursday! ❤️xo

Think Thursday: What Do You See?

My girl Katie posted this image on Instagram earlier this week and my eyes immediately gravitated towards “amazing“, “beautiful” and “honest” (the first 3 words I saw). Apparently, the first 3 words you see describe you so tell me…What do you see? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Happy Thursday! ❤️️️️️️️️xo

Talk Tuesday: Focus On Your Actions!

Actions speak louder than words! It’s really that simple. Words prove who you want to be but actions prove who you are. So use words wisely and only when you really have to. Instead focus on those actions! When you do, you let your actions speak for themselves (you won’t even need words). It’s all about less talk and more action but when you do talk, turn your words into action.

Happy Tuesday! ❤️️xo 

Think Thursday: Listen With Your Heart!

Have you ever tried standing still in complete silence? I have many times and I’ve learned to really appreciate what a gift it truly is. Silence can be a beautiful thing. With the absence of sound or noise, you may not be aware that you’re still hearing but you are because silence has a voice. Stillness can give clarity on answers you have been seeking or it can help you hear God’s voice for all matters of the heart or it can even make you reflect on past moments and be thankful. Its purpose is to make you listen differently, with your heart instead of your ears. When you listen with your heart, there will lay your answers to take you where you need to go. Your heart will always lead you home. When you listen with your heart, it will let you know that the truth is never far. Listen with your heart!

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: Words & Ideas Can Change The World!

The world got more sad with the news of comedian/actor Robin Williams passing yesterday but I know that heaven got brighter and more funny. Thank you for bringing so much laughter & joy to all of us and for bringing us Mrs. Doubtfire (classic in my books). Your words & ideas helped change the world.

RIP Robin Williams.

Think Thursday: Which Word Did You See First?

(Image via

When you first looked at this image, which word immediately caught your eye?

My eyes gravitated towards the word love right away. What could this mean? Perhaps this word represents who I am as a person or maybe it’s just a word I’m attracted to. Nonetheless, I love the word love and everything it symbolizes so I’ll take it.

What’s “your” word?

Happy Thursday!

Why not you?


Why is it that we think that we are never good enough at what we do? Ummm…guilty!

So when it comes to reaching for new goals or chasing dreams, we tend to ask ourselves…Why me!?

Then we start listing all the reasons why we feel we don’t deserve great things…then our minds start playing trixx on us. Smh!

Don’t you know that we all have a purpose in life. Our essential qualities makes us special in our unique way.

We may always find a reason not to do something…Ummm…guilty again! but at the end of the day, we must always believe and have faith that we have what it takes to do anything and everything we set our hearts and minds too.

So…No more risking it all in pursuit of your dreams…look for the open door and start asking yourself…Why not you?


Star Quote of the Day!

Maya AngelouBe YOU! Be a STAR! Bring out the STAR in YOU! There is no fun in normal anyway 😉