I Will Not Be Shaken!

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Believe In Yourself!

It starts with you so do yourself a favour and believe in yourself…the rest will follow!

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo

Today’s Prayer! 

My prayer for you today…

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo 

Your Love Is Better Than Life! 

What an amazing feeling to be loved by you…

Your love is like no other…unconditional, everlasting and always present. 

Your love is greater than any other…non-judgemental, all-accepting and always increasing.

Your love is better than life! 

Happy Sunday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Solitude!

Most people do not like to experience solitude because the state of seclusion usually stems from something negative like the loss of a loved one, a bad relationship, a disease, a disorder or simply a deliberate choice of not wanting any contact with people.

It doesn’t have to be the case. This type of isolation can also help you get in touch with your soul “your inner being” which will always lead you the right away. Sometimes, silence is golden. Listen for your truth!

Happy Tuesday!

Think Thursday: Essence of Beauty

Do you want to know what the true essence of beauty is!?

Well here is a powerful quote by Steve Maraboli that may help…

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Steve Maraboli is a speaker, radio show host, philanthropist and author of Life, the Truth, and Being Free. For more, go to stevemaraboli.com.

Be you, flaws and all!

Jesus loves You!

Although we sin, God forgives us anyway.
Although we are not perfect, God loves us unconditionally.
Although we fail, God saves us always.

Happy Sunday!

Welcome December!

It’s not over yet…well at least not until the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2013. 🕛

Whatever you set out to accomplish by the end of the year is still feasible if you believe (and as long as it’s reasonably attainable in less than 30 days of course 😳) so keep pushing, keep fighting and finish what you started.

Happy joy and happiness month!

Think Positive!

Your thoughts have power over your life therefore be very mindful of what comes to mind.

Sine YOU have the power to control the way you think, why not choose to think positively instead of negatively. Believe that you can instead of doubting every action. Say YES to yourself and no to the enemy. Envision the end result and work towards getting there. With a little faith and by following through with action, it shall come to past!

Proverbs 4:23
Keep this is mind at all times.

If you believe it, think it. If you think it, do it!

A prayer for you today!

Happy Sunday! Be blessed! 🙏

God has BIG plans for you!

There are times where it seems like things are not working according to plan.
Well, that’s because everything is working according to God’s plan for you and not what you want for yourself.
He always wants better for you than you do for yourself.
Know that no matter the obstacles, the setbacks, the trials or the tribulations, God has bigger and better things in His works for you.

What God has for you is for you alone!

Why not you?


Why is it that we think that we are never good enough at what we do? Ummm…guilty!

So when it comes to reaching for new goals or chasing dreams, we tend to ask ourselves…Why me!?

Then we start listing all the reasons why we feel we don’t deserve great things…then our minds start playing trixx on us. Smh!

Don’t you know that we all have a purpose in life. Our essential qualities makes us special in our unique way.

We may always find a reason not to do something…Ummm…guilty again! but at the end of the day, we must always believe and have faith that we have what it takes to do anything and everything we set our hearts and minds too.

So…No more risking it all in pursuit of your dreams…look for the open door and start asking yourself…Why not you?


Be Bold!

I don’t know about you but it seems like the month of January came with many trying times…maybe a few more downs than ups.

Regardless of how one looks at it, know that there can always be a little bit of good in the bad or happy in the sad. It’s all about counting the blessings in anything and everything. When comes a loss, there is always a gain. We just have to be strong enough to look at the bigger, brighter and positive picture.

No matter what you’re going through…just know that it is in you to be courageous. Show the ability to take risks, to be confident and to BE BOLD!


Keep Calm and…

Hey Stars,

Wow! Time flies…I feel like I have been away far too long. Amidst all the busyness in my life with love, life, family and career, I always remember to take a moment to myself and to keep calm…






For those that need the extra motivation…


And of course, for the gentlemen…


My form of serenity can be listening to music, shopping or anything fashion-related, working out and enjoying desert (although they don’t go together LOL), being with loved ones or even just enjoying quality time with me, myself and moi…

Whatever way you decide to decompress is up to you…just make sure that you do a little something daily for you. After all, you are worth it…so keep calm and wooosssssaaaaaaaaa!!!