God Keeps You Going!

A common life goal for most people is to be happy. During the pursuit of happiness, there will be roadblocks along the way but they are meant to keep you strong. You may experience loss (personal, financial or material) which keeps you human. There will also be disappointments but they are meant to keep you pushing. There will be failures to keep you humble. You may feel defeated at times but know that with every loss, there is a gain. Through it all, God will be there to keep you going. Trust in Him and He will see you trough…

Wishing you all a blessed day!

Happy Sunday!

Think Thursday: Go Make Life Happen!

Don’t you know that you have the best version of yourself living inside of you. It’s about time you let it out and show everyone your bravery and strength. Show that you are capable and ready. Ready to start living the life that was destined for you…filled with promise, dreams and great challenges. Go make life happen!

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: A Strong Woman!

This one is dedicated to all of the strong women out there!

There is nothing like the strength of a woman. Mothers, daughters, sisters, she-roes…together, we rise!

Happy Tuesday!

You are a soldier!

Whatever you are going through, know that God will see you through. He will never give you more than you can handle.
What you may think is a setback or an obstacle, is meant to be to propel you to the next level.
God created you to be the best soldier you can be! Strong enough to fight all battles. You just have to know your own strength…Be strong! 💪

Happy Sunday!