Turn On The Light! 

Always remember that there is light in the darkest of places. Make it shine as bright as you can. 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo 

Be Fabulous!

Who cares what others may say about you. Who cares what others may think about you. As long as you know that you are fabulous!…and don’t you ever forget it! Be fabulous! 

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Happy Friday! ❤Xo

Talk Tuesday: Make Your Life Beautiful! 

Let your imagination run wild. Let your dreams dance around in your head. Dream and dream some more. Dream BIG and then BIGGER! Open your eyes and visualize your dreams coming true. Work hard and continue to work on your dreams. Let them become a reality. Make your life as beautiful as your dreams. Make your dreams come true. 

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️️xo 

Pray. Wait. Trust! 

Life motto!!! Follow these 3 simple rules and see God work in your life in miraculous ways. Point. Blank…and the period! 

Pray. Wait. Trust. 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo 

Talk Tuesday: Take A Risk! 

Cinderella said it best…Take a risk! The best is yet to come…are you willing to find out who you really are?! Bring out the  best in you! Bring out the star in you! Be seen as you truly are! Be you! 

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Perfect Love! 

Why fear when you have God in your life…He will turn your fear into joy. He will your fear into success. He will turn your fear into love. You are a child of God therefore you need not be a slave to fear. 

He will drown your fears in perfect love! 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo

Think Thursday: You Owe Yourself!

People always say “You only have one life to live” so why not do something remarkable with it. 

Perhaps it’s something you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time like visiting the 7 wonders of the world, becoming a dancer, actor or singer, starting a business, running a marathon or simply giving back, it’s never too late to start. Today is a new day to do something remarkable with your life. You owe it to yourself! 

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Happy Thursday!


Think Thursday: It’s Never Too Late! 

It’s never too late to do something you’ve always wanted to do, to go after your dreams and make them come true. 

It’s never too late to apologize or forgive and to leave things in the past that are meant to stay there.  

It’s never too late to let go of the hurt, the pain, the problems, the what-ifs and let God take control of all aspects of your life. 

It’s not too late to make the last few hours of 2015 count. How will you make the best of it? 

Happy New Year’s Eve! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: I Am Mine! 

Be yours first before you give of yourself to anyone else. It’s not about being selfish, conceited or vain. It’s about loving yourself just the way you are, flaws and all, unconditionally…that way, you can give more of yourself to others. Repeat after me: 

I belong to me before I belong to anyone else. -StarInMoi

I am mine. Before I am ever anyone else’s. 

Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Take A Risk!

Life is too short to live with “what ifs” “maybe one day” or “next time I will”. If it’s something you’re very passionate about, something you’re constantly thinking of and really want to do then it’s worth taking the risk. You never know unless you try. Once you do and succeed, great! If not, try and try again. Take a risk! 

Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Be Your True Self!

There will be imitators and there will be wannabes, they can always try but they can never be you. There is only one YOU! Celebrate who you are by bringing the STAR in you everyday. That is the key to success. There is nothing better than to be your true self!

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Live A Life In Love!

Life is so much more exciting with love. Love gives you hope, it makes you dream, it brings joy, happiness and growth. Love gives life to the lifeless. With love, life will never be dull.  

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Never Give Up On Your Dreams! 

Last week, I pinned this powerful quote from Earl Nightingale that really resonated with me that I had to share…

Time will pass regardless of what you do in life so why not make the best of it by pursuing your dreams. Everyday is a gift so when you wake up to see another day, you are one day closer to achieving your dreams. Don’t give up and take the time you need to accomplish your dreams. No one said it will be easy but I promise it will be worth it. Never give up on your dreams!

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Love Outlives Us All!

I love this quote by R. Queen that I just had to share. It serves as a reminder that life is just too short to let love pass you by. If you love something, love it with all of your heart & soul. Go after what you love, fight for it and never let it go or take it for granted. Say it, show it and repeat. 

Love outlives is all! 

Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo


Talk Tuesday: Do Something For You!

It can be difficult to take some time for oneself because one seems to always focus energy on others, particularly loved ones but regardless of family obligations, a busy schedule, not enough time or other priorities, one must always remember to take some time for oneself. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about taking care of yourself first. Who’s going to do it for you if you don’t, right?! 

Turn the spotlight on you for a change and treat yourself! Have at least 30 mins of ‘me’ time daily, treat yourself to a massage, read a book or enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, as long as you take some time out of your day to do something for you because you deserve it!

Today, do something for you!

Happy Tuesday! ❤️xo