Talk Tuesday: Energy is Contagious!

I’m sure everyone has dealt with a situation where you were super excited about something only to get shut down by Mr./Ms. Negative. I know I have! That’s why I love this quote by Alex Elle, that’s what I call “real talk”.

It’s a great reminder that we have to be mindful of the people we allow in our space, especially if these people are pessimistic about eve-ry-thing (yes they exist!). Their negative energy can bring you down and leave you feeling drained and exhausted but that’s only if you allow it. We always have a choice…to either listen to the negative thoughts and let it consume you or simply to tune it out and turn it into a positive one.

Although I’ve been guilty of jumping on the negative band wagon a few times, I will definitely be more mindful that the positive route is just a thought away. Focus your energy on the positive. It’s contagious!

Happy Tuesday!

Talk Tuesday: 15 things to give up!

It may be hard to admit but sometimes you just have to learn to let go.
No more limits, no more boundaries, no more heaviness weighing you down.
Let go and let God!!!