Happy International Women’s Day!

Women are blessed & highly favoured, strong, powerful, creative, fun, loving, beautiful, smart and sexy. All of these ties binds us together as women. 

Today, we celebrate women all over the world…daughters, mothers, sisters and wives! We celebrate your beauty, strength, intelligence, achievements and goals! 

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Let’s continue to laugh & cry together, love, encourage & help each other, empower and uplift one another as sisters.

Happy Sunday! Be blessed! ❤️️xo

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, let’s celebrate all women.

We hold many titles…
We are mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.
We are entrepreneurs, artists, professionals and athletes.
We come in all colors, shapes and sizes.
We are emotional but strong, vulnerable but smart.
We are passionate, kind and courageous.
We have hope, beauty and power.
We give life, we nurture and fight for you.
We are WOMEN!


(Image via barackobama.tumblr.com)

To the women in my life, I appreciate you for your strength, your courage, your love, your lessons, your time, your care, your generosity and your support.
Thank you!