Life can be tough at times but God made you even more tough to deal with any and every difficult situation that comes your way. Life can be many things but one thing is for sure…Life is a precious gift that also comes with happy, rewarding and precious moments that are meant to be shared and cherished forever. Be grateful for those moments! Those are the ones that count the most in life. 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️️xo 

Talk Tuesday: Make Your Life Beautiful! 

Let your imagination run wild. Let your dreams dance around in your head. Dream and dream some more. Dream BIG and then BIGGER! Open your eyes and visualize your dreams coming true. Work hard and continue to work on your dreams. Let them become a reality. Make your life as beautiful as your dreams. Make your dreams come true. 

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Happy Tuesday! ❤️️xo 

Trending: Camouflage!

Since World War I, military camouflage patterns have influenced fashion.

In 1919, the Chelsea Arts Club hosted the “dazzle ball”, where guests wore dazzle-patterned black and white clothing. Even the decoration was ‘camouflage’ inspired. The fancy dress ball influenced art and fashion back then and to see what it has become now…what a fashion statement!

Today, fashion designers use the “patterned disorder” fabric for its unique designs and its symbolism.

Fashionistas are rocking ‘camo’ everything…
Some are loving the ‘camo’ pants look:







Others are strutting the ‘camo’ jackets:



Some are even rocking the long sleeve shirt or wrap ‘camo’ around the waist look:


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What’s your ‘camo’ style?