Talk Tuesday: Do something remarkable!

Bring out the bucket list and start doing! Check off as many items as possible for 2014 (you have 11 months to go…God willing!).

You owe it to yourself to “start living” so why not start today!

God’s will!

We all try to plan our lives to the best of our abilities in the hopes that everything will work out according to plan. When they don’t, we start wondering why⁉️
Why did this happen❓Why me❓Why not me❓ Why now❓

Only to find out that the obstacles, the bumps, the setbacks were meant to be for something bigger, better and greater after all. We just have to learn to trust God’s will‼️

Remember that God always has better plans for you so keep the faith❗️
Happy Sunday❗️

Your choice: Try or Miss!?

We all have choices to make in life…whether its deciding to go to work or deciding who to spend the rest of your life with…Big or small, we always have to answer our every action with a YES or NO.

I wanted to share with you a message I read today, which (I’m sure) will resonate truth.


Remember the choice is yours: so are you willing to try and work at making it happen or are you prepared to miss out and accept the defeat from not trying.

Stop depriving yourself of the opportunities to grow.

I decided to let love in!