Think Thursday: Be Amazing!

In honour of the late Maya Angelou, I wanted to share this simple yet powerful message to help awaken the “greatness” that is in you.
Do not conform to being the person you think you are and become the person that you know you are.

“Amazing” is in your DNA.

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: Greatness!

There is much reward in giving. When you share your time, when you give of yourself or when you invest in someone, you end up blessing that someone. That is the essence of giving…

Give with the intent of not expecting anything in return and see your greatness grow.

Happy Tuesday!

Greater things to come!

With 2013 soon coming to an end, we are reminded of the goals that we accomplished throughout the year. I declare that 2013 was a year of preparation for what the near future holds for us…
I truly believe that God was/is moulding us to be the person He has created us to be. Whatever your purpose, big or small, He will bring out the best in you so that you may fulfill what was meant for you to do.

There is greatness in you! Continue to walk in your destiny!
Happy Sunday!

Dreamers & Believers!

Talk Tuesday: There is greatness in YOU even when you don’t see it yourself!