He Is Still Good! 

Regardless of your mood, your feelings or your current situation…God is and will always be good! 

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Happy Sunday! ❤xo

Acts Of Kindness!

After a long and busy day, I came home yesterday feeling exhausted. All I wanted was to get some rest but I knew I had a few more things on my agenda to take care of before calling it a night.

Just when I decided to do a handbag switch (you ladies know what I’m talking about), I realized that my wallet was missing from my purse (my heart skipped a beat). I looked everywhere, I searched from left to right, top to bottom and…nothing! My wallet was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps I left it in my car!?

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Renewed Hearts!

Sometimes we go through things so that God may prepare us for something bigger and better.

While awaiting for great things to come, let God in and change our hearts to reap the blessings that He has in store for us.

Here’s to renewed hearts! 💓

Happy Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

There is SOOO much to be thankful for…let’s take a moment to thank God for everything that He has done for you, for me, for us!