Life can be tough at times but God made you even more tough to deal with any and every difficult situation that comes your way. Life can be many things but one thing is for sure…Life is a precious gift that also comes with happy, rewarding and precious moments that are meant to be shared and cherished forever. Be grateful for those moments! Those are the ones that count the most in life. 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️️xo 

What’s Your Gift?

God has blessed you with a very special gift inside and it’s up to you to discover what it is and bring it to life. It’s a gift that is unique to you. It may be similar to what others are doing but when you learn how to use it and apply it in life, your special touch to make it grow is what makes it unique to you. So whatever it is that you feel you’re talented at, whatever your passion or drive, nurture it and bring it out, explore your options on how to make it grow and watch God work his magic in your life. Always remember that your blessings are yours alone so if God blessed you with it, He will see you through it! 

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Happy Sunday! ❤️xo

Think Thursday: Bob Moawad Quote!

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When I first read this quote by Bob Moawad, I smiled because it is truly in line with how I’m trying to live my life so…in sharing it today, I’m hoping that it will do the same for you in your life.

Life is a gift and an amazing journey. The best part is that you have control over the quality of it so make everyday the best day of your life and start living today!

Happy Thursday!

Life Is Beautiful!

Enjoy life and the fullness of it all. Choose to see the beauty in all things and you will reap the benefits of life. Living is a gift from God, it’s up to you to make the best of it.

Live your life like it’s golden!

Happy Monday!

Talk Tuesday: A Strong Woman!

This one is dedicated to all of the strong women out there!

There is nothing like the strength of a woman. Mothers, daughters, sisters, she-roes…together, we rise!

Happy Tuesday!

Dedication to LOVE

A special dedication to LOVE 💕





Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
God blessed me with such an amazing man in YOU!