Think Thursday: Be Amazing!

In honour of the late Maya Angelou, I wanted to share this simple yet powerful message to help awaken the “greatness” that is in you.
Do not conform to being the person you think you are and become the person that you know you are.

“Amazing” is in your DNA.

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: You got this!

Don’t let anyone get in the way or stop you from achieving your goals!

On your path to success, there will be distractions, nay-sayers, haters (sometimes even friends or relatives), bullies, obstacles and/or hurdles in your way but as long as you stay focused, you can overcome all of those things. Society, fear or guilt won’t stop you.

You just have to believe, stay focused and keep pushing! We got this!

Think Thursday: Essence of Beauty

Do you want to know what the true essence of beauty is!?

Well here is a powerful quote by Steve Maraboli that may help…

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Steve Maraboli is a speaker, radio show host, philanthropist and author of Life, the Truth, and Being Free. For more, go to

Be you, flaws and all!

Jesus loves You!

Although we sin, God forgives us anyway.
Although we are not perfect, God loves us unconditionally.
Although we fail, God saves us always.

Happy Sunday!

Think Thursday: Be You (tiful)!

Regardless if you were born a twin, a triplet, with many siblings or as an only child, just remember that God made only one YOU!

God created us all in His image with very unique personalities. His handiwork is perfection through His eyes, even though at times we see differently when we look in the mirror.

How about seeing His vision and looking through His eyes to see what He sees and to admire the beauty that you truly are…because you are BE-YOU-TIFUL!!!

Be happy being YOU.
Accept who you are, flaws & all.
Love what you see in the mirror.
Let your true beauty shine through.


Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow.
Sometimes we must fail in order to know.
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain.
Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.

You are a soldier!

Whatever you are going through, know that God will see you through. He will never give you more than you can handle.
What you may think is a setback or an obstacle, is meant to be to propel you to the next level.
God created you to be the best soldier you can be! Strong enough to fight all battles. You just have to know your own strength…Be strong! 💪

Happy Sunday!

Quote to remember!

Great quote to remember by Jack Kerouac.👍

Be in love with the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all life lessons that strengthen us to be better after all.
Be in love with it all! 😍