Put Faith To Work!

There are many times in our lives when faith is not so easy and doubts arise. We start to doubt ourselves because things may not be going our way and who wants these not-so-enjoyable moments anyway?! (Not me!) Although it’s easy to allow doubt to creep in our thoughts, let’s focus on putting faith to work instead. Let’s replace doubt with faith and restore faith through prayer. 

Happy Sunday! ❤️xo

Talk Tuesday: Make Today A Good One!

I’m pretty sure none of us have ever woken up and thought, “I hope I have a terrible day today.” Instead, we might expect to have a bad day or worry about what’s to come. These emotions only come from fear and doubt.
Why not believe that all things will work out for the good?!
Why not hope that the best is yet to come?!

Let’s not wait for Friday (or the weekend) to come to have a good day.
Make today a good day!
Let’s not wait for something great to happen to have a good day.
See the great in every situation!
Let’s hope for the best today and everyday.
It’s a good day to have a good day!

Happy Tuesday!

Think Thursday: Doubt Kills!

Doubt is a status between belief and disbelief. Although it may at times call on reason (like when you hesitate or think twice before acting), it usually involves uncertainty, distrust and non-acceptance. It also affects your state of mind leaving it stuck between two contradictory emotions because perception of “reality” is tainted. It makes you question what’s real. Doubt can have power over you but only if you let it.

Do not let doubt cloud your judgment, delay your plans or reject your promise out of concerns for mistakes, faults or failures. Do not let it prevent you from fulfilling your purpose. Do not let doubt kill your dreams!

Believe that you can overcome obstacles. Believe that you can accomplish your goals. Believe that you can make your dreams come true. Leave no room for doubt in your life.

Happy Thursday!