Happy Monday!

Many people dread Mondays but you don’t have to be one of “those people”. You can start your day believing that today will be a good one. When you wake up proclaiming joy, that’s exactly what you’ll have. The speed bumps that you may encounter along the way won’t matter because of the decision you already made to have a good day. So may your day be filled with good tea/coffee, laughter and great moments. 

It’s Monday but it’s ok!

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Happy Monday! ❤️️xo

Think Thursday: Make Progress Or Make Excuses?

Life can lead you in many different directions. It can bring you forward, backward or to a standstill. It depends on which direction you decide to take. If your decisions are based on self-improvement, self-betterment or self-investment then you are choosing to move forward. That is loving, accepting and wanting yourself to excel in life. If your decisions are based on insecurities, denial or self-doubt then you are choosing to move backwards. Don’t ignore the blessings that were meant for you.

Let’s focus on moving forward in life. Give yourself a chance. Keep trying over and over again. Turn every “no” into a “yes”. Never give up or back down. We owe that to ourselves. So what will you choose? To make progress or make excuses?

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: 2 Simple Words!

I just wanted to share with you two simple words to help jump start your day. Although it’s easier said than done, I challenge you to enjoy every aspect of your day, the good and the bad. It’s all about mind over matter.

Whether you wake up tired, you are late for work, you spill your drink on your fave shirt or you lose $10 from your back pocket….whatever mishap you encounter, choose to turn your frown into a smile and enjoy today! There is beauty in everything!

Are you up for the challenge?

Happy Tuesday!