Worry vs. Faith!

It’s human tendency for all of us to worry…However we dont have to let it ruin our lives. Most of the things we worry about don’t happen anyway so why let it consume us. 

Worrying can take hold of your thoughts and you don’t want to succumb to your fears. Instead, have faith and let God be in control. By leaving all your worries in God’s hands, you will see life-changing results. 

Worry or Faith…There is no room for both. Which one will you choose? 

Happy Sunday! Be blessed! ❤️xo

Think Thursday: Be In Charge!

I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately but these past few days I’ve been telling myself that I will get better and today…I finally do! I am taking charge in how I feel and although I may not be at (at least) 100%, I still choose happiness! What will you choose?

Happy Thursday!

Talk Tuesday: May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes!


In life, you have the right, the opportunity or the power to choose. It’s always best to choose when you have an optimistic attitude and when your mindset is focused on expecting a positive outcome. It can be in relation to an event, a life circumstance or just in general. When you “expect with confidence”, a greater and more favourable outcome is sure to come your way. When you expect the worst, you may just get the worst. So why not set yourself up for success. May your choices reflect your hopes! Hope changes everything!

Happy Tuesday!

God’s Word Over Opinions!

The word of God will give you substance and strength. It will give you love and life. It will give you the best understanding of who you are as a child of God. Therefore it should not matter what others think about you when God has already determined who you are…beautiful, blessed and highly favoured. After all, other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.
Choose God’s word over other’s opinions.

Happy Sunday! Be blessed!

Your choice: Try or Miss!?

We all have choices to make in life…whether its deciding to go to work or deciding who to spend the rest of your life with…Big or small, we always have to answer our every action with a YES or NO.

I wanted to share with you a message I read today, which (I’m sure) will resonate truth.


Remember the choice is yours: so are you willing to try and work at making it happen or are you prepared to miss out and accept the defeat from not trying.

Stop depriving yourself of the opportunities to grow.

I decided to let love in!