God Never Changes!

In life, you will go through many changes. You will experience disappointments, you will outgrow some friendships and maybe even move on from relationships but one thing that will never change in your life is God. He will always be there and love you through it all. He will pick you up when you fall. He will support you at your weakest. Regardless of the change you go through, God and His love for you will never change!

Happy Sunday!

Talk Tuesday: Words & Ideas Can Change The World!

The world got more sad with the news of comedian/actor Robin Williams passing yesterday but I know that heaven got brighter and more funny. Thank you for bringing so much laughter & joy to all of us and for bringing us Mrs. Doubtfire (classic in my books). Your words & ideas helped change the world.

RIP Robin Williams.

Renewed Hearts!

Sometimes we go through things so that God may prepare us for something bigger and better.

While awaiting for great things to come, let God in and change our hearts to reap the blessings that He has in store for us.

Here’s to renewed hearts! 💓

Happy Sunday!

Star Inspiration of the Day

Your past only exists in memory, so let it go and start fresh.

Change your expectation and leave the rest to God! Let go and let God…