Hello June!

Heyyy June! I’m so ready for summer. Aren’t you?! This season means the start of BBQs, Popsicles, beaches, cool breeze, flip flops, sunnies, bathing suits and cold drinks. Who else wouldn’t be excited for all of that?! Lol. And of course, we get to celebrate our fathers (those who are, those who were, those who will be and those who took on that special role).

Happy June! ❤️xo

Hello July!

This month, let’s…
▫️enjoy BBQ season & lots of yummy summer drinks,
▫️celebrate Canada Day,
▫️get excited for the FIFA Finals,
▫️attend a few concerts & festivals (Bluesfest, Jazz Fest, Justin Timberlake JT2020 Tour, Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour, Essence Music Festival just to name a few…)
▫️watch the hilarious “Think Like A Man Too” movie…it’s a must-see for some good laughs (go pick up this months’s Essence magazine featuring the all-star cast).

Happy July! Happy Tuesday! Happy Canada Day!