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Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing you all the very best for 2017!!!

Happy New Year! ❤️xo 

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Trending: Camouflage!

Since World War I, military camouflage patterns have influenced fashion.

In 1919, the Chelsea Arts Club hosted the “dazzle ball”, where guests wore dazzle-patterned black and white clothing. Even the decoration was ‘camouflage’ inspired. The fancy dress ball influenced art and fashion back then and to see what it has become now…what a fashion statement!

Today, fashion designers use the “patterned disorder” fabric for its unique designs and its symbolism.

Fashionistas are rocking ‘camo’ everything…
Some are loving the ‘camo’ pants look:







Others are strutting the ‘camo’ jackets:



Some are even rocking the long sleeve shirt or wrap ‘camo’ around the waist look:


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What’s your ‘camo’ style?

DIY: Lip Palette!

If you know me, you know that I always carry at least 3-4 lip glosses and/or lipsticks in my handbag everyday. (Hi, my name is Miss M and I’m a lipgloss-a-holic 🙈)

I mean…you never know when you feel like switching it up, so why not carry a few lip shades with you just in case right!?

Want an easier way to carry your collection around and maybe even create some custom shades of your own? Well thanks to Beautylish you can create your own lip palette in just a few steps.

Simply follow these easy instructions:


You can find a palette knife/spatula in most art stores or you can even use a butter knife.
Empty palettes are available on eBay between $2-$10 (depending on the size).

Have fun with your favourite lipsticks!