The Body Pledge!

Lord knows there were MANY times where I struggled with my body image. My legs are too thick. My arms are too wobbly. When did I get this little muffin top? What’s up with these stretch marks? Why do my legs “jello” when I walk? Arghh cellulite!…Yes I’m keeping it all the way real.

Well I’m slowly learning to love my body one body part at a time. As hard as that may be, I realize that God created me perfectly in His image and He loves me for me. So why don’t I feel the same way? Why are we our own worst critics?

Of course there is always room for improvement. Best practices are to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and include exercise in your daily activities. This will definitely help achieve your best YOU! Just know that to see results, it takes time & dedication. Be patient with yourself and know you will get there.

You can start by taking this body pledge which can be a part of the healing process. If you’re ready, take the first step with me in saying the following:

Don’t let society establish what you should or should not look like. Be happy with who you are and start loving what you see in the mirror today, one body part at a time.

Think Thursday: Be You (tiful)!

Regardless if you were born a twin, a triplet, with many siblings or as an only child, just remember that God made only one YOU!

God created us all in His image with very unique personalities. His handiwork is perfection through His eyes, even though at times we see differently when we look in the mirror.

How about seeing His vision and looking through His eyes to see what He sees and to admire the beauty that you truly are…because you are BE-YOU-TIFUL!!!

Be happy being YOU.
Accept who you are, flaws & all.
Love what you see in the mirror.
Let your true beauty shine through.