Accessories: Clear Specs!

Clear specs are one of my secret weapons. I own a few pairs (for styling purposes only), in different colours, shapes and frames. You don’t necessarily need a prescription to wear them either. Many can be worn as a fashion accessory (with non-prescription lenses) to add an extra flair to any look. Whether you are going for the sophisticated librarian look or a simple casual one, they are the perfect accessory that can help you achieve your desired look with minimal effort. A must-have in my books!…Super stylish and complementary to any outfit! See for yourself, check out my inspirational boards featuring clear specs You can accessorize your face with little effort. It’s the perfect go-to item for makeup-free days. I often wear a pair with a bold lip and I’m good to go. Super quick and easy. Bonus: Wear them to protect your eyes against UV rays or for safety purposes.They come in various colours and frames to suit your style. Choose from a large clear lens to a retro vintage cat eye shape to a tortoise or coloured frame, your options for eyewear are limitless.

(Images via Pinterest)

Would you rock clear specs?

Happy Friday! ❤️️️️️️️️xo

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