Street Style: Beanies!

Beanies are one of my go-to items this winter (but not if my hair is in an undo or high bun…those days I rock my leopard print earmuffs)…now back to beanies…They are the perfect accessory to have, especially for those not-so-good/lazy hair days…a great instant problem-solver! Not only are they stylish but they also provide warmth, which is a must during the cold months (your ears will thank you). Available in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours and prints, you have lots of options to choose from. Although I prefer the basic ones (like the black or grey ribbed versions – they go with everything!), I also love to play with bright colours like fuchsia, emerald green, royal blue and neon yellow. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your winter (outdoor) wardrobe. Need a little beanie-inspiration?! Here are some of my favourite looks…



(Images via Pinterest)

What is your go-to accessory this winter? Will you be rocking beanies this season?

Happy Friday!

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