Think Thursday: Things Will Work Out!

This week has been somewhat challenging so far with (what I thought to be) major car problems, clothes not fitting well (or at all) as a result from holiday eating, back to work mode and cold Canada weather. Just when I was about to have a moment (a.k.a a minor breakdown), I get a sign to assure me that everything will be ok. That sign was hope preventing a breakdown, keeping me calm and telling me that things will work out. I was able to let go and believe that everything would be ok. Immediately, things got better. My car problems weren’t as big as I imagined, I worked out a plan to shed some excess weight and although I can’t do much about the weather besides bundle up, I can only hope it gets better soon. So keep your fingers crossed or better yet say a prayer and have faith…When you believe that things will work out, they normally do!

Happy Thursday!


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