Accessories: Floppy Hats!

I’ve been on the search for the perfect floppy hat since posting Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous camel version earlier this week. It is definitely a must-have item in my books. The floppy hat can be the perfect addition to any outfit especially if you’re rocking one in a neutral colour (which pretty much goes with everything). It can serve as a face protector (from the sun, the late nights and puffy eyes or maybe even from someone you’re trying to avoid). It can keep your head warm and it can also be the answer to those so-called “bad hair days” (we all have those…right!?).

I’m loving the different colours and styles…particularly those with a wide brim and contrasting band. I’m on a mission to find the right one for me but until then, I will continue to be inspired by some of my favourite looks.




(Images via

What’s your accessory must-have this fall?

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Accessories: Floppy Hats!

  1. Thank you for this post, so useful for a hat lover like me 😄 on the last set of pictures, the first on the left – there’s the scarf I fall in love with last winter. From that moment I knew it would be my fall/winter favorite accessory!


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