I’m Loving: Bermuda Shorts!

Bermudas are the type of shorts I normally go for during summer months. They are so versatile and fun to play with. You can dress them up with a pair of heels and a dressy button up shirt (perfect for a chic office look) or you can dress them down with flats or sandals (for an everyday casual look).

Check out these fun ways on how to rock bermuda shorts

Light colours (like creme or white) are just right for a fresh summer look:

Prints are also great to play with and can bring your look to another level:

You can go for a more casual look with a tan-coloured bermuda or even pair it with a blazer for extra oomph:

You can also rock the denim or slouchy look and still make it look great:

(Images via Pinterest)

You don’t even have to break the bank to buy a new pair. Recycle what you have in your closet and use an old pair of jeans (khakis or whatever pant you wouldn’t mind cutting into) to make yourself a new pair of bermuda shorts.

Bonus: No need to pay for hemming either, cut your pants a little longer than knee length and roll them up to desired length for a more relaxed look.

So…Will you be rocking “bermuda shorts” this summer?

Happy Monday!

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