Talk Tuesday: Life Is A Blessing!

Every morning I wake, I thank God for blessing me with another day. It’s the perfect way to start the day knowing that I have the opportunity to laugh with my honey, to speak to my loved ones and to enjoy the little things that bring me happiness one more time. That is what I call a blessing and I’m thankful.

How is life a blessing to you today?

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Talk Tuesday: Life Is A Blessing!

  1. My life is a blessing to me. Because i am still here. God granted me more time with my family… He gave me the strength to pick myself up and start walking again… Not only am I. BLESSED by my Health. But my family is growing closer together each day… and i am grateful for this after losing my mom, we went our separate ways. Now as of now, we talk every other day. I, Thank God for this..,,


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