Yay or Nay for Overalls?

Wayyy back in the day, overalls were worn as a protective overgarment in a work environment. It wasn’t until the ’60s that both sexes started rocking them in a more fashionable way, not only in denim but in different colors, patterns and with loose or unfastened straps.

This fashion trend peaked in the ’70s, and again in the late ’90s. That was when I included a pair into my wardrobe. I loved wearing them with crop tops (Aaliyah style) and sneakers…It always use to make me feel brand new. LOL

Although overalls have been creeping up the fashion market since last year, I’m still not sure if I will re-introduce them in my life but looking at these fashionistas strutting their “all-over” overalls makes me think twice…



(Photos via Pinterest)

So…What do you think? Are overalls a yay or nay for Spring 2014?

Happy Wednesday!


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