Rising Star of the Month: Kaira Black

Meet KAIRA BLACK!!! A fierce fashion maven dedicated to give back to her community.

As a member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation team in Ottawa, Ontario, Kaira helps promote research and education concerning heart disease and stroke…all while keeping it fab. This fashionista has style! As an advocate for this volunteer-based organization, Kaira shows us daily, through her hard work, how to reduce the risk of premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke. All of this by raising funds for research and health promotion through the many events and fundraisers organized for this heart charity.

This fashion connoisseur is always willing to lend a helping hand and a smile to her family, her friends and the world. For that we say thank you for being YOU!

Thank you Kaira for making a difference! You are a RISING STAR! Continue to bring out the star in you! Follow Kaira on twitter here.


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