‘IT’ Bags!

Here are some of the “IT” bags that are currently on my wishlist.
A girl can dream right!? One day, perhaps one day…LOL. After all, it would be an excellent investment. πŸ˜‰

(From top left to top right )
1. Celine Tote
2. Saint Laurent Large Sac De Jour Bag
3. Celine Natural Calfskin Small Tie Knot Tote Tan
(From bottom left to bottom right)
4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma
5. Cymka Celine Luggage Phantom in Crocodile Bright Blue
6. Givenchy Medium Python Antigona Bag

Which one is your fave?

Happy Thursday!

Yay or Nay for Overalls?

Wayyy back in the day, overalls were worn as a protective overgarment in a work environment. It wasn’t until the ’60s that both sexes started rocking them in a more fashionable way, not only in denim but in different colors, patterns and with loose or unfastened straps.

This fashion trend peaked in the ’70s, and again in the late ’90s. That was when I included a pair into my wardrobe. I loved wearing them with crop tops (Aaliyah style) and sneakers…It always use to make me feel brand new. LOL

Although overalls have been creeping up the fashion market since last year, I’m still not sure if I will re-introduce them in my life but looking at these fashionistas strutting their “all-over” overalls makes me think twice…



(Photos via Pinterest)

So…What do you think? Are overalls a yay or nay for Spring 2014?

Happy Wednesday!

Talk Tuesday: Make A Dent In The Universe!

One of the hardest lessons in life is figuring out what your purpose is. Some are fortunate enough to walk right into it while others struggle with the limitless possibilities of what it could be. One thing is for sure, we were all put here for a reason.

Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams. Pursue what you are passionate about. Do what you have set your mind to do. If it fails, try and try again! After all, you won’t know unless you try.

Whether you are walking in your purpose or still trying to figure out what that is, get ready to make YOUR dent in the universe. Are you ready?

Happy Tuesday!

I’m loving: Rolled Jeans!

One of the reasons why I’m loving the rolled jeans look is that you can create that look with any denim…distressed, boyfriend, skinny…you name it!

Another fab reason is to show off your new pair of sexy stilettos or even a cute pair of flats.

The cherry on top: If you have jeans that are a-tad too long, forget about hemming them and just start rolling (super saver tip! πŸ˜‰).

Need some inspiration? Here’s some of my fave “rolled jeans” looks:





(Images via Pinterest)

How do you rock your jeans?

Happy Saturday!

Foodie Love: Cocoa 70!

If you are ever in the downtown Montreal-Quebec area, a great “foodie” place to check out is Cacao 70. This resto is definitely one of my go-to’s for satisfying my sweet cravings (which is ALL the time…LOL).

Cocoa 70 is a breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, dessert, and chocolate bar with two locations at 2087 Ste. Catherine West or 1310 Ste. Catherine East, Montreal, Quebec.

I’m so thankful to my Rey for introducing me to this hot spot.





Check out their Facebook page here.

Will you be going?

Happy Wednesday!

Talk Tuesday: A New Day!

Every day is a blessing from God.

As we wake this morning, let our minds be refreshed, our spirits cleansed and our hearts open to receive all of the great things this day has in store for us.

This is a new day! Let’s be glad and rejoice in it!

Will you embrace this day with open arms?

Happy Tuesday!

His Mighty Love!

I am persuaded that NOTHING can tear us from the love of God. His love for us is so great that not even death, life, angels, principalities, powers, things present, things to come, height, depth nor any other creature can separate us from His love.

Don’t you know that you are LOVED just the way you are?

Happy Sunday!

H&M Conscious Exclusive!

My sister and I were browsing the H&M Conscious Exclusive in collaboration with Ever Manifesto online yesterday and we were really appreciating every dramatic and intricate detail of the bohemian and flamenco-inspired looks.

Supermodel Amber Valletta is shown above wearing a gorgeous large shoulder decoration ($179) over a beautiful lace dress ($249). Can we say WoW!?!

Here’s more from this party-wear collection made from more sustainable materials.

(Leather bustier $149, Wide satin trousers $59.95, Pleated hairband $19.95, Leather shoes $129)

(Cotton jacket with embroidery $129, Embroidered cotton waist coast $79.95)

(Frilled georgette blouse $59.95, Crinkled silk top $69.95, Embroidered shorts $59.95, Fine-knit bustier $29.95)

(Long jacquard-weave dress $299, Frilled chiffon dress $199, Embroidered jacket $399, Lyocell jumpsuit $79.95)
Go to H&M for more.
This exclusive collection is out NOW in selected stores.
Will you be checking it out?

Happy Friday!

Trending: Raincoats!

A raincoat or slicker is a must in everyone’s closet (especially this month where it calls for showersβ˜”οΈon most days). It’s THE perfect item for April showers.

How so? Well…
1- It’s water-resistant or waterproof so it protects the body from rain.
2- It’s normally made of Gore-Tex or Tyvek and coated nylons which are breathable fabrics.
3- It comes in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, you’ll have lots of options to choose from.

I usually stick to neutral colors but that’s only because I love to add a pop of color via accessories like an umbrella or wellies.

Here are some of my faves…

London Fog Women’s Zina Trench Rain Coat

Nautica Women’s Rain Coat

Burberry London Women’s Short Cotton Rain Coat

Burberry London Long Trench Coat (Lambskin Leather left, Cotton Gabardine right)
(Images via Pinterest)

Which is your fave style?

Do Epic Chic!

This month calls for rain, rain & more rain so I thought I would share the perfect outfit for April showers.

The Must-Haves:
1- Clear Printed Dome Umbrella
This playful print gives this umbrella such a retro feel and it’s only $26 at Debenhams.com

2- Stone Black Trim Belted Trench Coat
Trench coats are the perfect investment piece and an essential item in every girls closet. This one is $73 at Newlook.com

3- Song of Style for eLUXE Do Epic Chic Tee
Aimee Song of Song of Style’s white tee is the perfect update for the basic t-shirt and it’s made in Canada! #proudmoment
Get yours for $45 at eLUXE.ca

4- Ripped Front Mid-Washed Jeans
We all need a pair of full length jeans featuring ripped detail. Get this pair for $39 at Allyfashion.com

5- Pajar Slushi Wellies
No more wet feet & socks! Get a pair of rain boots like these ones for $91 at zalando.co.uk

Bonus: All items are under $100!!!

Are you ready for April showers?

Think Thursday: Jon Acuff

There may be times when we compare our situation to others but one important factor to remember is that we don’t know what the other person has gone through to get to where they are. Their blessings are for them and your blessings are for you. Don’t cheat yourself from receiving what’s faithfully yours.

Keep this in mind…”Your journey is not my journey and my journey is not yours”.

Happy Thursday!