I’m Loving: Sleeveless Trench Coats!

Now here’s something else I need WANT to add to my closet…the sleeveless trench coat! How versatile is this look!? All you need is a sweater (chunky or fitted) to rock underneath, denim that hugs the body just right and some HOT booties. Add a fuzzy clutch and you’re good to go! When transitioning into Spring, bare your arms and wear this statement piece with a sleeveless jumpsuit. Belt it and tah-dah!!! Masterpiece!

Need some inspiration?! Here are some of my fave looks…




(Images via Pinterest)

Are you feeling this look?

Happy Friday!

Think Thursday: #OttawaStrong!

I just want to take a moment to pray for the families and friends of all those affected by yesterday’s tragedy in my hometown of Ottawa.

My heartfelt condolences go to the loved ones of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, our hero. May you rest in peace.

A big thank you to everyone who reached out to me, your thoughts and prayers meant a lot and I appreciate all of you.

Everyday is a gift from God! Let’s cherish each day like it were our last!

Kerry Washington In Calvin Klein Collection!


Kerry Washington attended the 2014 Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration last Monday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. She kept it classy in this svelte one-shoulder design from Calvin Klein Collection. I love a touch of colour to any black dress like this soft blue reveal at the foldover neckline. The side zipper and front pocket gives this piece the perfect amount of detail. Kerry accessorized with a black & white Thalé Blanc clutch (founder Deborah Sawaf has such an exquisite accessory line) and of course, black Louboutin heels. Although I would have ‘nay’ed the matching blue eyes and opted for a more simple black liner look, I’m loving the contrasting oxblood nail colour. Perfect for fall!

What are your thoughts on this look?

Happy Wednesday!

Talk Tuesday: Stop! Look! What Do You See?

The other day, I came across this picture on my Pinterest feed and I couldn’t help but stare…This image was a reminder that we, at times, let wonderful moments pass us by. When we do have those moments, we think the best way to capture them are in pictures but sometimes it’s best to simply live out those moments freely and cherish them in our memories. Living in a busy world, we often overlook the beauty that beholds us so let’s challenge each other today to: Take a moment of silence (no interruptions, no camera snapping) and just enjoy the view. Bask in the beauty that surrounds you.

Stop! Look! What do you see!?

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Monday!

The weekend has come and gone and it’s time to start a brand new week. Who’s ready!?

May this day be the start of all things great! Wishing you a very happy and blessed week!

Happy Monday!

See Yourself The Way God Does!

There are times where we may feel down, insecure or self-doubt, we may even think we’re not good enough or that we’re not deserving and I say it’s ok to feel that way, as long as you don’t stay there for too long. Next time you see yourself feeling or thinking that way, say a quick prayer and ask God to show you who you really are, through His eyes…A wonderful, strong and beautiful child of God!

Happy Sunday!

I’m loving: Long Cardigans!

I couldn’t tell you how many cardigans I have in my closet but one thing is for sure…I’m lacking and I’m in need want of some LONG cardigans! They are just right for this season. It’s the perfect way to add some sass to any outfit while keeping warm (especially if you’re always chilly like me). Throw it over a tank, distressed denim and a pair of booties for a more casual look or rock it over a sheath dress and knee high boots for that extra oomph!. Options are limitless with long cardigans and that’s exactly why I am on the search for the perfect one, two or three. 😉

Get inspired by some of my favourite looks:


(Images via Pinterest)

Will you be rocking long cardigans this fall?

Happy Friday!

Think Thursday: Go Make Life Happen!

Don’t you know that you have the best version of yourself living inside of you. It’s about time you let it out and show everyone your bravery and strength. Show that you are capable and ready. Ready to start living the life that was destined for you…filled with promise, dreams and great challenges. Go make life happen!

Happy Thursday!

Emmy Rossum In Bottega Veneta!

(Images via Donato Sardella/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, the Hammer Museum hosted it’s 12th Annual “Gala in the Garden” event and Emmy Rossum looked flawless in a shimmery black & gold pre-fall 2014 Bottega Veneta creation. She accessorized her plunging gown with gold earrings and topped it off with a nude Bottega Veneta clutch. I’m loving this look on her. What are your thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!

Talk Tuesday: Be Victorious!

You were created to live a happy life. You were created to be undefeated, resilient and proud. You were created to feel wanted. You were created to be victorious! Start living your victory today!

Happy Tuesday!

Dear God…

Dear God, thank you for your unconditional love, for my amazing family, for my wonderful man, for my loved ones, for my health, for my home, for my career, for my experiences, trials & tribulations, for all of you and for all of my blessings. Thank you for everything!

What are you thankful for?

Happy Sunday!

Accessories: Floppy Hats!

I’ve been on the search for the perfect floppy hat since posting Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous camel version earlier this week. It is definitely a must-have item in my books. The floppy hat can be the perfect addition to any outfit especially if you’re rocking one in a neutral colour (which pretty much goes with everything). It can serve as a face protector (from the sun, the late nights and puffy eyes or maybe even from someone you’re trying to avoid). It can keep your head warm and it can also be the answer to those so-called “bad hair days” (we all have those…right!?).

I’m loving the different colours and styles…particularly those with a wide brim and contrasting band. I’m on a mission to find the right one for me but until then, I will continue to be inspired by some of my favourite looks.




(Images via Pinterest.com)

What’s your accessory must-have this fall?

Happy Friday!

Think Thursday: Endless Possibilities!

When you think you are out of options, you aren’t .
When you think there is no other way, there is.
When you think you’ve tried it all, you haven’t.
When you think of the impossible, just remember that God can make it possible.

Your possibilities are endless!

Happy Thursday!

Chrissy Teigen In Givenchy!

Chrissy Teigen looked simple yet chic in her long-sleeve eggplant shift dress and nude Givenchy knee-high boots (these French-designer wedge boots retail for $2,075 by the way). She accessorized her look with a floppy beige wool hat (I need this hat!) and a black carryall. She definitely knows how to put herself together in this in-between weather. What are your thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!

Talk Tuesday: It’s All Right!

When life throws you lemons, tell yourself everything is going to be “all right”. When you repeat it enough times, you will eventually believe that everything is going to be ok. You won’t need to worry about a thing because you will know that whatever it is, it will be “all right”. It may not be alright today or tomorrow but eventually it will be all right!. (Yes, I did it on purpose to repeat it many times for me too)

Happy Tuesday!